Friends and Supporters,

THANK YOU FOR BEING ON TIME for PGAAMCC!!!  Thanks to your powerful presence and spoken and written testimonies, we have been moved to the PROPOSED FY’15 Capital Budget.  Continued hard work on the part of the staff and continued prayers from you for our quest, hopefully will take us to the next level of actually being in the Approved FY’15 Capital Budget.  The greatest gift of any institution is to know that it is not alone and that it’s mission is a worthy one.  Each and every one of you confirmed that for us on April 29th (in the rain!) and on May 5th.

We will keep you posted via website and eblast on how the journey progresses.  Keep the good thoughts of a wonderful and beautiful Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center building in your hearts and in your minds.  If we can believe it together, it will be and when it comes, my Friends, it will BE ON TIME!


Thank You All,

Dr. Jacqueline F. Brown,
Executive Director, PGAAMCC