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Sharing Our Stories: Treasures From the Museum’s Collection is an exhibition featured at the Prince George’s African American Museum featuring art and artifacts from the Museum’s collection.  The exhibit features a variety of donated objects since the Museum began its collecting program in 2011.  Through this program the Museum has collected over 1,000 objects including the call letters from Radio One’s headquarters building when it was located in Prince George’s County to the papers of an African American Soldier in World War I.  At its core this exhibition is a collection of stories about the rich history and culture of Prince George’s County and its residents through their objects.



The exhibition is sponsored in part by Old Line Bank and opened at the Prince George’s African American Museum’s new 4519 Gallery at 4519 Rhode Island Ave North Brentwood Maryland on March 4, 2014.

For more information call (301) 809-0440 or email or visit the Museum’s website at

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