Dr. Arvenita Washington-Cherry

Join PGAAMCC for a Professional Development Summer Series designed for educators who would like to increase their knowledge in Cultural Literacy and Anti-Racist Practices.




This 3-part series, led by Dr. Arvenita Washington-Cherry, will:

  1. Explore how racism and cultural insensitivity manifest in our everyday lives, our classrooms, popular culture, and online.
  2. Empower participants with the tools to counter problematic narratives; facilitate productive, non-harmful conversations with students; and ensure that classrooms are safe, non-triggering spaces for learning.

Participants will learn the ways that technology can be helpful vs. harmful and how to incorporate culturally literate, anti-racist practices into their work as educators in an ever-changing, digital world.

Registrants may register for one or all of the sessions; they will serve as stand-alone workshops as well as part of a cohesive series that addresses different facets of cultural competency.

  • Register for Creating Safe Spaces: Safeguarding your Classroom Against the Replication of Trauma
  • Register for Trigger Warning: The Intersection of Cultural Competence and Digital Literacy in the Classroom
  • Register for Room to Grow: Correcting and Redirecting Microaggressions in the Classroom and Beyond