Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars

Chocolate City Rocks’ presents

 “Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars” @PGAAMCC !

North Brentwood, MD – Chocolate City Rocks and Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) have teamed up to produce the DMV’s 1st ever “Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars”.

Chocolate City Rocks and Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) have teamed up to produce the DMV’s 1st ever “Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars”.

The "Underground Railroad Under the Stars" opening date is Friday, November 15, 2019, and will be held in PGAAMCC's outdoor pavilion from 5pm - 10pm.

PGAAMCC's address is 4519 Rhode Island Avenue in historic North Brentwood, MD - the 1st incorporated African American township in Prince George's County, MD.

The "Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars" will bring a festive spirit of shopping, celebration and diaspora vibes, featuring a curated selection of vendors, food, and crafts in the museum's outdoor pavilion.

"Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars" is designed to be a vibrant and lively destination where people can pick up a bite to eat, enjoy a bit of retail therapy, and jump start the weekend with neighbors, future friends and fellow County residents.

The "Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars" will take place on the following Fridays:

Friday, November 15th
Music by: DC Super Sid
Fashion Presentation by: Harley Morgan's ROE: The Agency, LLC
UGRR Bazaar Conductor: Robert Battle

Friday, November 29th (Black Friday/Winter Motherland)
Music and Entertainment by: DJ Housecat (La Gata de Fuego)
UGRR Bazaar Conductor: Head-Roc

Friday, December 13th
Musicby: DJ RBI
UGRR Bazaar Conductor: Robert Battle

Entry is $5 and proceeds go to support the mission and programs at Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center - "A Home for Black Excellence!"

All tickets purchased will be entered into our UGRR Bazaar Raffle!

Youth 15 & Under FREE admittance and No one admitted under 15yrs without an Adult!

The $5 entry fee comes with a raffle ticket, and there is no charge for ages 15 & Under, and no one under 15 years of age will be admitted without an adult.

Hashtag: #UGRRbazaar

Click here for Online Ticket purchases (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/underground-railroad-bazaar-under-the-stars-tickets-77148644673)
Click for Vendor Village application (https://forms.gle/rkxqzcRWv7px1QYAA)

Culture Queen : I Like The Me I See!

You're invited to the I Like the Me I See! Book Release Party for royal children and families!

On Sunday, September 29th at a Book Signing Party at the Prince George's African American Museum! Inspired by the uplifting lyrics of my popular song "I Like the Me I See!" from the children's album by the same title, the rhythmical text accompanies vibrant images of royal children and I celebrating all the qualities that make us who we are.  Solomia Kovalchuk's rich, colorful illustrations were inspired by photos of ten years' worth of my real-life interactions many Culture Kingdom Kids programs.

Hard Cover : $25
Soft Cover: $20

*Each book can be autographed and personalized with the name of your prince or princess*

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 12.09.11 PM

Museum Day Live!

Museum Day is a day to celebrate the importance of museums and what they have to offer to local communities by allowing free entrance. The Prince George’s African American Museumand Cultural Center is joining the national initiative of MuseumDay Live! to will promote the theme of storytelling through art and music.

Music and Art are dynamic vehicles for spreading community change around the world and we will showcase music/live painting by our artist in residence Vanessa R. Williams as part of the exhibit 'Catharsis: Spirit Leaves A Mark' to show visitors ways they can use the arts to transform the world and engage with social justice.


400 Years: Jour of the Diaspora 1619 - 2019

On September 21, 2019, Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) located at 4519 Rhode Island Ave, North Brentwood Maryland, will host an exhibition dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the first Africans who arrived in Virginia in bondage due to the transatlantic slave trade and its colonizers.
‘400 Years: Journey of the Diaspora 1619-2019.’ will debut with an opening reception on Saturday, September 21st from 5-8pm, and conclude with an artist talk scheduled for Sunday, October 20th from 2-5pm. The exhibition will run from
September 21 st - October 26 th 2019 and will include tours and programs. ‘400 Years’ is our roots and our wings. We are working with amazing local curators Tim Davis and Alana Theard to honor the personhood and lived experience of Black
people, then and now.

"Art heals and can be potentially restorative in the life of a community of people that has been mistreated and is now coming full circle to a place of pride and power.”

-Executive Director Monica O. Montgomery, states.

Curators Tim Davis and Alana Theard have organized an exhibition from artists of the African Diaspora, to create a visual
journey into the spirit and soul of the descendants of African people who were snatched from the shores of their Motherland. This show brings together interdisciplinary and intergenerational artists to commemorate the 400 years since
the enslavement of African people in the United States. 

"My hope is that this exhibition (400) 1619-2019, Journey of Diaspora will bring light to a dark time in history of an enslaved people. Through art we can bring more awareness and give voice to make a difference on the continued struggle for freedom" 

-Co-curator Tim Davis states.

invite black and white

#GivingBlackDay x PGAAMCC

#GivingBlackDay x PGAAMCC

DMV Black History Museum joins national day of giving for 10th Anniversary Campaign

North Brentwood, MD (August 8, 2019)– On August 28, 2019, Prince George’s African American Museum and
Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) will be joining #GivingBlackDay, a national day of giving focused on supporting black
and black-benefiting organizations. This strategic alliance comes on the heels of their kickoff to the 10th
Anniversary Campaign ‘The Story Continues’. It is important that we practice collective conscious driven Black
giving to set examples for future generations. #GivingBlackDay is also unique, in that it falls on August 28, a day
chosen due to its historical significance. Did you know that on:

  • August 28, 1955: 14-year-old Emmett Till was brutally murdered by three white men, which became a “flashpoint in the civil rights movement.”
  • August 28, 1963: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech in Washington, D.C.
  • August 28, 2005: Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana. The storm, which devastated New Orleans, inordinately impacted many of the city’s black residents.
  • August 28, 2008: Then-Senator Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president, becoming the first black man to ever win the nomination and bid for the presidency.
  • And on August 28, 2019: PGAAMCC will host an entire day dedicated to giving in support of our community! Our campaign will run until November 30th!

PGAAMCC, Executive Director Monica. O. Montgomery, shared “Our 10th Anniversary theme ‘The Story Continues’
means we have many chapters yet to write as we envision the future of our museum and we need everyday
people to donate generously and share ideas helping to author the next page of our story at PGAAMCC. We
proudly celebrate 10 years located in Prince George’s County as a cultural and community resource – a place
where all can learn, create, and connect, serving as ‘A Home for Black Excellence!”

Check out our #GivingBlack Crowdfunding Page

Check out our#GivingBlack Donation Page

PGAAMCC joined forces with the #GivingBlackDay movement to promote the importance of Black giving and to
proudly proclaim #BlackMuseumsMatter. “We know that giving back to spaces that honor our personhood and
lived experience is a great and worthy investment; and our strongest asset to build institutions that are FUBU (For
Us by Us) which has an immediate positive impact on our communities. To show how important our culture,
traditions, wealth, and sustainability matter, we give back and we give Black.” GivingBlackDay website.

Donating to PGAAMCC on #GivingBlackDay will support our upcoming events, family experiences and future
exhibitions. To support our #GivingBlackDay campaign –

It takes 2 steps:

1. On August 28th Donate + 2. Share your support on social media.

Tag us in your posts using #Pgaamcc10 #BlackExcellence and #GivingBlackDay to join the national black giving community.

Visit www.pgaamcc.org/10th to witness our milestones, receive campaign updates and donate on #GivingBlackDay.

PGAAMCC Welcomes New Artist-in-Residence Vanessa R. Williams

PGAAMCC Welcomes New Artist-in-Residence

Vanessa R. Williams

Article By Khadija Pounsel

 “This is where I live, where I feel safe, comfortable, free to do what I want within reason, not rushed, not forced. I can just be me in an artist’s capacity,” says Vanessa R. Williams of her new post as artist-in-residence of the Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) in North Brentwood, MD. As she sits before an easel painting the finishing strokes of a portrait of the late South African president Nelson Mandela, the Prince George’s County resident is in her element. “I just like making art. If someone wants to come and sit and watch, that’s great.” And watch they do – students and adults alike approach to watch and ask her questions.

Holding conversations is just what the Howard University graduate, children’s book illustrator, and former elementary school art teacher envisions for the residency. “I want it to be meaningful. I see children and students here. It is a place where I can share my love of reading aloud. It’s a welcoming place. In the same vein I was welcomed here.”

“I have two ways to speak: singing or drawing/painting.”  As a gospel singer, Williams has toured with Richard Smallwood and Vision and the Black church figures prominently in her work. Having painted for 25 years, Williams wrestled with having enough creative confidence to think her paintings worthy of display. That all changed when she came to an Art of Business event at PGAAMCC. The exhibition Catharsis: Spirit Leaves a Mark, running through the Fall at PGAAMCC, features her vibrant work in all its glory: Black women, Black church, music, and African symbols. “The opening of Catharsis was really special. Prince George’s County is home to some really great, alive, contributing people,” says Williams before she names some of the Prince George’s County residents who attended the opening, including composer and pianist Richard Smallwood, piano manufacturer Warren Shadd, music director Vince Evans, and songwriter Raymond Reeder.

Of PGAAMCC, Williams is clear – “I felt at home immediately. I am determined that people know it's here. I want it to be a place where people know doors are open to listen, create, study. It is my hope that it becomes a home for other people. I want the next artist to know if you are a resident, native of Prince George’s County, we want to see you or hear from you.”


Catharsis: Spirit Leaves a Mark on view through Fall 2019 at PGAAMCC.

PGAAMCC Welcomes New Cultural Ambassador Vance “Head-Roc” Levy

PGAAMCC Welcomes New Cultural Ambassador Vance “Head-Roc” Levy

Article by Khadija Pounsel

“Our lives have value,” says Vance “Head-Roc” Levy on a hot and humid August day in North Brentwood, MD. The genre-crossing 20-year music veteran with his entrepreneurial approach (he executive produced all 6 of his solo albums) who continues to work with his critically acclaimed award-winning funk/rock/soul band GODISHEUS (gotta-see-us) has stepped into a new role −  Cultural Ambassador for Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) in North Brentwood, MD.

Head-Roc speaks warmly of his ties to Prince George’s County: his family was a part of the exodus of African Americans who moved from Washington, DC to Prince George’s County in the early 1980s; he attended Prince George’s County schools, and has lived in Hillcrest Heights, Marlow Heights and Temple Hills. “I began to understand and connect the national significance of local Black history, anchored on our educational development, with much happening along the Route 1 Corridor. Included in that education is learning that PGAAMCC’s existence was championed by the late Honorable Gwendolyn Britt,” the mother of his fellow Infinite Loop member John Britt.

Inspired by the work of the late senator, “The Route 1 Corridor is where I’ve been led to be active in my arts and social engagement pursuits. I have been meditating on a way to become more involved along the Gateway Arts District,” says the Crossland High School graduate. “I even share the same barber with some proud and involved citizens of North Brentwood – often engaging them in discussions on how to create/attract more attention to the cultural corridor and business that will benefit the community.”

As PGAAMCC kicks off a 10th anniversary campaign, Vance is joining the momentum to launch a new cultural offering - Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars. The endeavor he is spearheading will bring a festive spirit of shopping, celebration and diaspora vibes, featuring a curated selection of vendors, food, and crafts in the museum’s outdoor pavilion (3rd Fridays throughout the fall 2019). The event name nods to Route 1 as a historic North/South route pathway and to the railroad that runs just behind the museum. Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars Designed to be a vibrant and lively destination where people can pick up a bite to eat, enjoy a bit of retail therapy, and jump start the weekend with neighbors, future friends and fellow County residents. Most importantly the event will feature a ‘community spotlight’, with neighborhood living legends and local icons, nominated by their community, being honored for their contributions. “I am optimistic and dedicated to the work necessary that will attract an increased and sustained interest in the cultural and artistic excellence of Black Americans with roots and of contribution to Prince George’s County, Maryland.”


For more information on upcoming PGAAMCC 10th anniversary



Juneteenth More than A Month Festival! Thank you for supporting PGAAMCC!

Over the course of our 4 day innaugural #MoreThanAMonth Juneteenth festival, approximately 1000 people joined in the festivities as our grassroots outreach grows and cultural programming expands. Thank you for choosing to celebrate Juneteenth with PGAAMCC. In the footsteps of our great heroes that paved the way we honored their legacy and dedication to uplifting our Black communities. We sang, we danced, we cried, we uplifted and we shared. We are 'A Home for Black Excellence'. Our More Than a Month Festival highlighted the brilliance, talent and creativity of our African American community in Prince George's County and the DMV. Special thanks to our program partners; Jess Be Creative, Creators Coallition, Onustees, participating artists, and our vendors. See more pictures here.

UStreet to the Cotton Club x Black Culture Panel Discussion

We brought the U Street to the Cotton Cub to Prince George’s County. Local talents, Krislynn Perry, Nigel Rowe and Reenie Codelka on piano played hit tunes, such as: Minnie The Moocher, I've Got The World on A String, Stormy Weather, Ain't Misbehavin' & More!

We also enjoyed a panel discussion on the importance of Black holidays and Black traditions, Black education and its connection to our tradition, history, and liberation, educational equity in schools. The ‘For the Culture’ conversation moderated by Tamara Jade with Andre Taylor, Elena Branker, Jahari Shelton, Marcus Cook, Jessica Randolph, Billy Sanders & Tony Keith.

The Observable Universe

Our Observable Universe panel discussion, moderated by Sinatra Smith, was an intimate conversation about time travel, returning to the motherland and Black music as a connective force across time and space. In this disucssion we collectively illustrated an alternate universe, how we would function, what parts of our culture we would bring, which parts would be left out, and why.

We also enjoyed the DMV Youth Art Pop Up gallery 'Voices' with EYL 365 Project teaching artists, students and collaborative projects. ‘Voices’ displayed work from “Enjoy Your Life” (EYL) 365, a grass-roots art project whose mission is to engage youth by exploring the creative process as they grow to understand society, their roles within it, and their capacity to change society through civic youth engagement, advocacy and arts initiatives. The artwork centered on mental health, community, social, and economic empowerment and self reflection.

Summer Solstice Fashion Show

Thursday was a day of Black beauty, creativity and expression.  Our fashion show featured artist Quest Skinner who brought vibrant, colorful, decadent, and transformative designs to PGAMCC. Her style is “influenced by seeing ourselves as a full spectrum of colors, shapes, and spirits. The clothing collection is West African, Apache, and modern infused fabrics with lines that flatter all shapes and sizes”.

We were so happy to have dancers in our space. We enjoyed a performance by Alexis Miller with dancers Faith Kelly, Jasmine Ventura, and Marya Wallace from Dance Institute of Washington. They performed to a song remixed to Maya Angelou’s Ain’t I A Woman that empowered our audience’s.

Block Party

Photos by: Rodney Norman of @laphoric

Our culminating event was our Block Party. Program partners Onustees, Jess Be Creative and Creators Coalition brought dynamic performances and panelists to our space. We had workshops and incredible vendors. PGAAMCC was buzzing with activity. Inside our gallery we had a pop-up exhibition by EYL 365 and our Community Treasure Chest. Community Treasure Chest will continue all summer, register HERE. Outside we had fun for all ages with a Dino sprinkler, jump ropes, double dutch, sidewalk chalk, bouncing balls, face painting and the I'm Bookd Box mobile book store. We were so honored to close out the day with a special performance by Mosaic Theater Singers hailing from Detroit Michigan. They graced our space with vibrant songs of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, gospel, African hymns and hit music from every genre influenced by the African Diaspora. Black History and culture never looked so good at PGAAMCC.

Thank you so much for being a supporter. We are excited to bring more dynamic programming to Prince George's County, illuminate, inspire and empower audiences. Stay tuned for more!

We want to hear your ideas as we work to constantly shape the museum to meet your needs and interests. We are 'A Home for Black Excellence' and your feedback is welcomed. This survey will take approximately 5 minutes.

Click here to take the survey!


What is Juneteenth?

Find out more about our festival HERE 


What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is a national celebration of the emancipation from slavery in 1865. In 1865 freedom was achieved in many ways, some fought the confederate troops, others escaped and ran. With the Emancipation Proclamation and 13th Amendment, enforced in December of 1865, African Americans were liberated from Confederate territories where slavery became illegal. While 4 million enslaved people were granted their freedom before the end of the civil war, other states such as Texas was a refuge for slave owners who held African American people as property, some say 1-2 years after Abraham Lincoln had already declared an end to slavery. Finally, on June 19th, enslaved people in Texas were granted their freedom.

“This involves an absolute equality of rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and free laborer."

By 1900 African American people in Texas celebrated June 19th unofficially as Emancipation day, supported by churches and civic organizations. In 1980 Juneteenth became an official holiday in Texas and by 1997 US Congress officially recognized the day as ‘Juneteenth Independence Day.’

Why Should We Celebrate?

All over the world people celebrate Juneteenth to recognize our ancestor’s liberation from slavery, not as a historic event of our past, but as a triumph and achievement for Black people in America, that is still relevant today. This day remains as one of the many reminders of how powerful and resilient we are as a group of people, in our daily fight to justify our human rights and equality in America. Black people in America have tried to be eradicated in a myriad of ways, but Juneteenth reinforces the solidarity of our traditions, culture and our history that continues to make us stronger.

How Can We Celebrate?

People celebrate by holding festivals, family gatherings, contests, games and giving back to their communities. As ‘A Home for Black Excellence’’ PGAAMCC proudly presents the #MoreThanAMonth four-day festival, full of joy, cultural excitement and entertainment for the whole family, this June 19th through Saturday June 22nd culminating in a community block party 12-7pm. Our 2019 theme is inspired by the honorable Marcus Garvey’s quote, “Up You Mighty Race, Accomplish What You Will!” Marcus Garvey, Jamaican born Pan-African icon, was instrumental in establishing a historic mass movement for the liberation of Black people all over the world. Central to his message was political, social and economic self-determination. He organized the Black Star Line, a ship organized to trade commerce between Africans on the west and the African continent.

We recognize past accomplishments across the African diaspora, and seek to empower Black futures, innovators, and community influencers. Our festival emphasizes themes on freedom, black excellence, survival, resilience, and victory. Our festivals support Black owned vendors, artists, cultural organizations, and arts entrepreneurs. Join us in the celebration of Juneteenth. Find out more HERE!

Evening of Excellence: Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Award Ceremony

Evening of Excellence: Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Award Ceremony

Come celebrate the First Annual Scholarship established just for the Outstanding Young Dancers of Prince George's County, the Dance Our Legacy Scholarship 2019-2020.


This wouldn't be possible without YOU, our Community.

So please, be our Distinguished Guest!

We will be...

  • Recognizing our community of Supporters, Advocates and Sponsors that made Dance Our Legacy Scholarship Fund possible.

  • Enjoying dynamic performances from DMV's best Performing Artists: BREathe Dance Project & Awardee Soloist

  • Hearing from the International Association of Blacks in Dance Inc.

  • Launching Creative and Equal Opportunities Inc.

  • Awarding Ms. Ambar Matos for her committment, passion and exceptionalism. Our FIRST Dance Scholar & Awardee

  • Fellowshipping & Celebrating LIFE Together

Please indicate in your RSVP if (1) other guest will be joining you.

This is a private event held in an intimate gallery space we can only accommodate 60 people total.

Thank you for respecting this REQUEST.

Attire is Semi-Formal/Sunday's BEST Casual
NO Children under the age of 12 please.

Light Refreshments will be served following the Performances/Ceremony.

We will promptly conclude and wrap up at 5:45 PM

Parking is plentious at this location!!!