Our Mission

The Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) is on a mission to celebrate and inspire the community through the cultivation, preservation, and presentation of the cultural and artistic contributions of African Americans in Prince George’s County, Maryland and beyond. ‘We Are a Home for Black Excellence!’

Our Vision

We stand at the intersection of possibilities, realities and transformation as we kick off our 10th anniversary, championing community uplift and conscious raising around the black experience.  Our vision is to be recognized as a national and international model for innovative documentation, interpretation, presentation, and preservation of Black American history, art, social justice and culture locally and globally.

Our Values

  • Welcoming

   We believe in the power of inclusivity. We value openness and transparency in all interactions and extend our embrace to all.

  • Authenticity

In a world in which the ‘virtual’ often competes with the ‘actual,’ we value the real thing. Our stewardship of material objects in our care gives voice to the community we represent and reflects our long history and culture of caring. ‘Real’ experiences and ‘real’ objects possess a power no representation, however precise and thoughtful, can ever express.

  • Innovation

We value innovation and forward thinking and create our plans with bold vision. We nurture creative expression in all its forms and foster curiosity, exploration and a spirit of playfulness in our staff, our guests, and our partners. We link innovation and creativity with intellectual rigor and a profound respect for scholarship.

  • Learning

We pride ourselves on being a learning organization for our visitors and our staff and volunteers alike. We recognize that learning occurs in unexpected ways all around us, and that we have the potential to arouse curiosity and encourage discovery. We value our role as a center for life-long learning in our community.

  • Excellence

We value excellence and strive to produce programs and exhibits of distinction, offer the highest quality guest experience, conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, and observe best practices in all our operations.

  • Diversity

We recognize the diversity of experience of the African American community and aim to reflect the broad spectrum of social and cultural activities of this community. We cherish our traditions and believe that our past should inform our future, and that bringing together diverse groups of people can create new approaches to cultural understanding.

  • Collaboration & Community

As the heart of the Gateway Arts District, we believe that we have an obligation to the community to promote collaboration, engage unlikely allies in dialogue and encourage participation in the creative process. We value our role as a ‘town square’ where dreams can grow and ideas ripen, where everyone’s voice can be heard, and where we learn from each other. Only in this way will we create true bonds between our institution and our public.