History Keepers


Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center (PGAAMCC), in partnership with Prince George’s Community College (PGCC), introduces the “History Keepers” Africana Museum Studies Internship. The goal of this internship experience is to inform, recruit, train, and groom, PGCC students in Museum Studies.  The outcomes will result in increased awareness in Museum Studies and production of entry-level trained and certified future museum professionals as an added Workforce Development Job program for PGCC students. The benefits of this internship program to PGCC students is a $10/hour stipend with potential future employment options, as they are exposed to and trained on entry-level knowledge and skills for professional career avenues in Museum Sciences.

The History Keepers project is an innovative pilot project funded by Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), designed to encourage and map a successful museum and community college partnership that can substantially benefit numerous communities, underrepresented students, African American Museums, community colleges, and ultimately the public.

Applicants must be currently enrolled PGCC students who are able to commit to 12-20 hours per week for two semesters. Stipends will be paid upon completion of each semester, based on satisfactory evaluation of performance. We encourage highly motivated, responsible, and fully committed students to apply.Click Here To Become A Sponsor


Collections Department Internship Description

Interns will participate fully as collection staff members. Primary duties will entail performing various collection management tasks with their assigned project; e.g. daily monitoring of exhibit galleries. Projects will include training in the following areas:

  • Inventorying specific collections and amending location information;
  • Researching the history of a specific object or its attribution to a specific accession;
  • Assisting conservation/preservation staff in various projects including environmental monitoring, conservation surveys and collection care;
  • Cataloging collections of three- and two-dimensional objects; creating records in the Museum’s collection database;
  • Condition reporting, marking and housing objects;
  • Engaging in exhibits; and
  • Processing incoming and outgoing loan materials (producing reports; assisting in packing and unpacking objects) to gain exposure to the loan program and procedures

Exhibition Design Practices Internship Project Description

Interns will assist with exhibitions and other design projects. Primary duties will include:

  • Organizing data for temporary exhibitions;
  • Working on floor plans and details, and making scale models;
  • Assisting with the design staff with producing graphics for exhibitions and signage throughout the gallery; and
  • Assisting in printing, mounting signs and photographs, and producing proposals and mock-ups for various elements of exhibitions.

Documentary Film and Other Multimedia Materials Internship Project

Interns will assist with producing documentary films, video podcasts, and/or other materials with special exhibitions. Interns will explore using the basics of audio and video production, photography, and motion graphics to tell unique stories related to PGAAMC’s ongoing public programs, workshops and events online. Duties may include:

Duties may include:

  • Researching archival footage, images, and music;
  • Logging documentary and other video footage;
  • Assisting with departmental operations and conducting art historical research for other exhibition-related programs or materials.
  • Documenting the museum’s public programs and events, highlighting key exhibition themes using story development, critical thinking, and developing their own visual style of presentation;
  • Using narration, multimedia production, design, and blogging.
  • Publishing projects on the PGAAMCC web site; and
  • Assisting in the research, production and post-production of a professional 30-minute video documentary that will be a featured part of a PGAAMCC exhibition.
  • Lessons will include Pre-Production Storytelling & Development, Research, Scriptwriting and Interview Questions Development Production On and Off-Camera, Interviewing Techniques, Narration, Video Camera Shooting, Techniques (Handheld and Tripod Mounted), Basic Lighting (Field and In Studio), Audio Production Post-Production Basic Video Editing, Basic Motion Graphics and Design Online Multimedia Production Blog Reporting (PGAAMCC SITE, FACEBOOK, FLICKR)


We are not currently accepting internship applications at this time, but please check back periodically for upcoming opportunities. Please send your inquires about the program to historykeepers@pgaamcc.org.