#GivingBlackDay x PGAAMCC

DMV Black History Museum joins national day of giving for 10th Anniversary Campaign

North Brentwood, MD (August 8, 2019)– On August 28, 2019, Prince George’s African American Museum and
Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) will be joining #GivingBlackDay, a national day of giving focused on supporting black
and black-benefiting organizations. This strategic alliance comes on the heels of their kickoff to the 10th
Anniversary Campaign ‘The Story Continues’. It is important that we practice collective conscious driven Black
giving to set examples for future generations. #GivingBlackDay is also unique, in that it falls on August 28, a day
chosen due to its historical significance. Did you know that on:

  • August 28, 1955: 14-year-old Emmett Till was brutally murdered by three white men, which became a “flashpoint in the civil rights movement.”
  • August 28, 1963: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech in Washington, D.C.
  • August 28, 2005: Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana. The storm, which devastated New Orleans, inordinately impacted many of the city’s black residents.
  • August 28, 2008: Then-Senator Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president, becoming the first black man to ever win the nomination and bid for the presidency.
  • And on August 28, 2019: PGAAMCC will host an entire day dedicated to giving in support of our community! Our campaign will run until November 30th!

PGAAMCC, Executive Director Monica. O. Montgomery, shared “Our 10th Anniversary theme ‘The Story Continues’
means we have many chapters yet to write as we envision the future of our museum and we need everyday
people to donate generously and share ideas helping to author the next page of our story at PGAAMCC. We
proudly celebrate 10 years located in Prince George’s County as a cultural and community resource – a place
where all can learn, create, and connect, serving as ‘A Home for Black Excellence!”

Check out our #GivingBlack Crowdfunding Page

Check out our#GivingBlack Donation Page

PGAAMCC joined forces with the #GivingBlackDay movement to promote the importance of Black giving and to
proudly proclaim #BlackMuseumsMatter. “We know that giving back to spaces that honor our personhood and
lived experience is a great and worthy investment; and our strongest asset to build institutions that are FUBU (For
Us by Us) which has an immediate positive impact on our communities. To show how important our culture,
traditions, wealth, and sustainability matter, we give back and we give Black.” GivingBlackDay website.

Donating to PGAAMCC on #GivingBlackDay will support our upcoming events, family experiences and future
exhibitions. To support our #GivingBlackDay campaign –

It takes 2 steps:

1. On August 28th Donate + 2. Share your support on social media.

Tag us in your posts using #Pgaamcc10 #BlackExcellence and #GivingBlackDay to join the national black giving community.

Visit www.pgaamcc.org/10th to witness our milestones, receive campaign updates and donate on #GivingBlackDay.