Early Keepers Homeschool Lessons

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Here are some free homeschool lessons and crafts for you to do with your elementary school children grades K-6! 


Let’s learn about the Victorious Veterans  of Prince George’s County, MD

Mini Book:

5 May - Victorious Veterans

After reading the Victorious Veterans mini-book, create the a Memorial Day Wreath by following these easy steps:



-Red, Green Crayon


-Color Printer

  1.  Print both craft templates.
  2. Color the  leaves on the wreath green. Color the poppy flowers red.
  3. Cut out the flowers that feature the Victorious Veterans of Prince George’s County.
  4. Past onto the wreath.
  5. Hang your wreath on your door or inside your home for Memorial Day.
  6. Share your creation by emailing education@pgaamcc.org.

Once you have completed your project, please share it with us on social media @PGAAMCC or email education@pgaamcc.org. We would love to see them!

Memorial Day Wreath Art Project:

Art Project Sample:

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Let’s learn about the Marvelous Men of Prince George’s County, MD

Mini Book:

EK June book.pptx