Culture Keepers Presents: Chocolate Cities Youth Exhibition

Culture Keepers Presents: Chocolate Cities Youth Exhibition

Featuring Works by Culture Keepers from Northwestern, Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr., and Suitland High Schools 


As part of the PGAAMCC Chocolate Cities Exhibition Series, students enrolled in the Culture Keepers program researched historically African American counties, neighborhoods, and cities – locally and nationally. Under the guidance of PGAAMCC’s Scholar-in Residence and Teaching Artists, Culture Keepers students produced dynamic works of art based on their research and findings. Culture Keepers at Northwestern created works that explore their thoughts on intersectionality, gentrification, identity, and classicism. Suitland Culture Keepers created works that focus on themes of religion, culture, and identity politics. Culture Keepers at Wise created works that – within the framework of the Chocolate City theme – address aspects of ownership, authority, and the violence enacted to rob non-Europeans of their humanity; their pieces reflect the battle between the intimate and the public, the personal and the societal, and the indigenous and the colonized.

The works in this exhibition are available for purchase; 50% of the proceeds will be awarded to the PGCPS Art Departments at Northwestern High School CVPA, Suitland High School CVPA, and Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School. The remaining 50% will support PGAAMCC’s Culture Keepers program.

Special Thanks to Teaching Artists: Nzingha Shaw and Maleke Glee; Artist Teacher Liaisons: Jamea Richmond-Edwards and Phyllis Wilson; Teacher Liaison: Jamila Edwards; and Scholar-in-Residence: Synatra Smith, Ph.D.

For more information, contact Laura Perez, Director of Education and Programs
#(301) 809-0440 ext. 110;