'The Historymakers' Lauds Dr. Jacqueline F. Brown

The Historymakers, 'the nation's largest African American oral history collection' recently added the distinguished life and career of our very on Executive Director, Dr. Jacqueline F. Brown, to their archive.

Who knew that chocolate brown was her favorite color? Or, that Chocolate and Tuna Fish were among here favorite foods? What we at PGAAMCC probably could have guessed was her favorite quote: 'No problem is solved at the same level of consciousness that created it'. That's was she does everyday--elevate consciousness. And we are all better for it!

Read excerpts from her 2007 Historymaker's Interview for yourself, visit: http://www.thehistorymakers.com/biography/jacqueline-finney-brown-41


The Masters: Oldenburg and Gaddy

Master sculptors Claes Oldenburg and Huey Gaddy reunited at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Scupture Garden in Washington, DC ,on Saturday, November 8. Oldenburg, 85, is an American sculptor, best known for his public art installations typically featuring very large replicas of everyday objects. He was a guest speaker at the Hirshhorn on Sunday. Huey Gaddy began his career as a sculptor by working as a fabricator for several major contemporary sculptors, including Oldenburg.

'Momentum' our current exhibition featuring Gaddy's work is now on display at PGAAMCC through January 20th. PGAAMCC will announce, in-person artist tours of the exhibition soon!

Now Is The Time: An Update to Our Supporters from Dr. Jacqueline F. Brown

Dr. Jacqueline F. .Brown, Executive Director, PGAAMCC
Dr. Jacqueline F. .Brown,
Executive Director, PGAAMCC

My Friends, thank you again for your unwavering support of the Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center at North Brentwood (PGAAMCC). We promised you an update on our progress in securing funding to build out the Museum after 18 years of being on the Planning books for Prince George’s County.
Initially, we were placed in the Park and Planning CIP Budget under a County Bill in FY12 that allocated $5 Million dollars of funding for the construction of the Museum Building. Due to your efforts, we are now moved to the FY15 County Construction in Progress (CIP) Park and Planning budget .Final Rendering 102214 web

We are happy to report that the sale of our properties was executed in June of this year. As a result, we will be able to keep our doors open. However, we retained sufficient property to build out a 10,000 SF addition to our existing Museum and make this 18 year dream still come true.

Continue to support the Museum and participate in our Public and Educational Events and Programs. Continue to Donate, Sponsor and become a Member or a Partner organization. Know that whenever you come to the Museum or our events, you will always be “Welcomed Home”!

Again, thank you so much for all you do for the continued success of the PGAAMCC.

Dr. Jacqueline F. Brown,
Executive Director, PGAAMCC

Originally posted, July 16, 2014

Wayne K. Curry (Courtesy WaPost)

In Memoriam: Wayne K. Curry: Prince George's First African-American County Executive

The Honorable Wayne K. Curry broke all the molds in the early 90's by becoming the first African American County Executive for Prince George's County.  His dynamism and determination to move the county from being the "Poor Sister" of Counties in the National Capital Region to being a jurisdiction of substance, affluence and pride was felt immediately in his bold economic moves in housing development and economic development.  His administration opened a new era of being "open for business and high end development" for Prince George's County.

Wayne's enthusiam, intelligence, sharp wit and general affability endeared him to friend and foe alike and made him a strong advocate for what is good for our County.  He was also a very determined man.

We at the Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center at North Brentwood honor the distinguished legacy of this trailblazer and his contributions to the African American story in Prince George's County.



In Memoriam: Maya Angelou

Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center celebrates the life and legacy of beloved Author, Activist, Poet, Educator, Filmmaker and Inspired Intellectual, Dr. Maya Angelou.

Her celebrated accomplishments are too many to list here. However, we are truly blessed that her empowering words and indomitable spirit will live forever.

Thank You For Supporting Us!

Thank You!

Friends and Supporters,

THANK YOU FOR BEING ON TIME for PGAAMCC!!!  Thanks to your powerful presence and spoken and written testimonies, we have been moved to the PROPOSED FY'15 Capital Budget.  Continued hard work on the part of the staff and continued prayers from you for our quest, hopefully will take us to the next level of actually being in the Approved FY'15 Capital Budget.  The greatest gift of any institution is to know that it is not alone and that it's mission is a worthy one.  Each and every one of you confirmed that for us on April 29th (in the rain!) and on May 5th.

We will keep you posted via website and eblast on how the journey progresses.  Keep the good thoughts of a wonderful and beautiful Prince George's African American Museum & Cultural Center building in your hearts and in your minds.  If we can believe it together, it will be and when it comes, my Friends, it will BE ON TIME!


Thank You All,

Dr. Jacqueline F. Brown,
Executive Director, PGAAMCC

'Unwind Wednesday' with Rep. Donna Edwards

Last Wednesday, Congresswoman Donna Edwards hosted our final 'Unwind Wednesday' of 2012!.  It was an exciting event for all in attendance.  Rep. Edwards restated her passionate commitment to improving education throughout Prince George's County and working with PGAAMCC to preserve the rich legacy of African American history and achievement here in the county.


PGAAMCC Curator Introduces 'A Space of Their Own'


PGAAMCC Curator Jon West-Bey introduces 'A Space of Their Own' and exhibition exploring the start of the first five incorporate black townships in Prince George's County and their influence on the region today.

Veterans Day Celebration at North Brentwood

More than 50 invited guests, including state senators Victor Ramirez and Joanne C. Benson, delegates Michael Summers and Jolene Ivey. The Veterans Day program was the first in a series of public programs supporting the PGAAMCC’s next exhibition – A Space of Their Own; A celebration of Prince George’s Historic Black Townships.

Mayors from three of the townships – Petrella Robinson, North Brentwood, James Crudup, Eagle Harbor and Lillie Thompson-Martin, Fairmount Heights – attended the event and served as honorary chairpersons.

The program began with a stirring rendition of the National Anthem by Yolanda Nelson followed by a welcome address from Mayor Robinson. PGAAMCC curator Jon West-Bey gave a brief introduction to “A Space of Their Own.” PGAAMCC Executive Director Dr. Jacqueline F. Brown recognized veterans for their service to America. Brown is married to a veteran and has two sons who have served in the Middle East.

Elder Bernard Blackmon, a former Corporal in the U.S. Marines was the Veterans Day event keynote speaker. Elder Blackmon recounted some of his military experiences, including the rigor of boot camp and the humiliation of his first bald haircut. Notwithstanding the meticulousness the Marines Corps, Elder Blackmon praised his time of military service saying it allowed him to use his GI benefits to buy a house, attend college and move up in the government job environment.

Each luncheon attendee was given a post card to write a personal message to a service member overseas. The Red Cross will help facilitate the mailing of the post cards.

“It’s important for our veterans to know what they have given will never be forgotten,” said Yolonda Evans, PGAAMCC’s Public Programs Coordinator. “This luncheon is an opportunity for our community to come together and honor them for their commitment, their service and our freedom.” - Walter Dozier -

The Honorable Peggy Magee lecture at PGAAMCC

If you missed the Peggy Magee lecture you missed a real treat! She spoke about how strength and honor and being able to stand up to any challenge has propelled her to success. As a single mom, she had a successful career in the military, as a state’s attorney, as Clerk of the Circuit Court, a Director in county government, and now in private industry as an adjunct Professor and as the Director of Community Relations at Collington. Her story inspired me as well as others.

Ms. Magee attributed much of her ability and steadfastness to her service in the military. She learned how to stand to any challenge and do it with dignity and honor but prior to the military it was clear that her strength was instilled in her by her very strong and capable mother. She had a mother who accepted no boundaries to affording her children the best education and she worked extremely hard as a domestic to accomplish this task. Ms. Magee described her childhood as one of few means, however she treasured such memories as being able to eat tea cakes and drink milk while sitting on the front porch swing in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The military helped Ms. Magee afford her education, both a Bachelor of Science as well as her Juris Doctorate. She served as the First Sergeant for Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base during the Presidency of George Bush and Bill Clinton. She is a well respected leader among her colleagues and peers as well as the Prince George’s County community.