Join us for a very special artist talk on January 24th from 2-4 pm featuring a question and answer session with the talented Huey Gaddy and the innovative Don Lippincott, founder of Lippincott, Inc.

Master Sculptor, Huey Gaddy will be joined by Donald Lippincott, founder of Lippincott, Inc., which fabricated some of the most iconic sculptures of the 20th Century.

Lippincott, Inc., was founded by Donald Lippincott in 1966. The key concept and sole focus of the firm was to create an artist-friendly environment where sculptors could have their large-scale works fabricated in a manner that was sensitive to their specific needs and methods while bringing to bear the full range of professional manufacturing capability required. It was the first, and for more than a decade, the only company to be performing this role exclusively.

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To RSVP Call 301-809-0440 or email by January 22, 2015.