2021 Youth Virtual Exhibit

Black Love 

by Trenton Smith

Black Man and Woman Loving and working with each other for our family.



Greenbelt Theater

by Daniella Onwe

I see the movie spider, people watching and eating. I hear people munching, drink, and screaming. I smell popcorn and drinks. I taste drinks, popcorn, and candy. And also I feel a big television and chair. Finally, concept art is a form of illustration used to convey an idea for use in films, video games, animation, comic books, or other media before it is put into the final product. I chose the Co-Op Market. The imagery and concept are to show the diverse food items available to those who shop there. Having foods available from different parts of the world make sure that the residents have access to foods that they may not normally buy as well as having them available for people that have moved to Greenbelt from other parts of the world. This is a part of diversity.


Hands of Many Races

by Magali Ngume-Sone

My artwork displays rainbow hands design giving the main attraction to the art. This indicates multiple races spelling out the phrase, “We are all humans, embrace race diversity”. The main reason I made the hands rainbow design is due to the fact that there is not just one race, but a multi complexity of races. If I were to add only tan and brown construction paper, that would be two out of the many races. I also understand that some viewers may be offended by only two races being displayed. The rainbow conveys the thought of diversity because the rainbow contains multiple colors. The rainbow designs may reflect a mere superficial skin color, however behind that meaning more than it meets the eye, superseding the obvious into rational thinking.


Diversity in Greenbelt – Co Op Market

by Logan Parker


City of Greenbelt Collage

by Naomi Nwachukwu

This collage is about how we have so many people in this small town we call greenbelt, there is so much diversity all around us. People from different cultures and different races. memories and small tokens of greenbelt, all in one collage.